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My Handmade Journey – Iceboxs Yard

My Handmade Journey – Iceboxs Yard

Hi, Friends! I’m excited to share with you this weeks edition of, My Handmade Journey. Jan is the creative mind behind Iceboxs Yard on Etsy and Bonanza. If you’ve never head of Bonanza I highly encourage you to check out her shop here. Bonanza is 

My Handmade Journey – Specialties Craft

We are back with another interview in our handmade journey series and this week we are talking to Billie and her husband Robert who are owners of a wood crafting shop called Specialties Craft. Robert hand cuts each of their items on a scroll saw. 

My Handmade Journey – Seven Dwarves Cottage

Hi Everyone, we are back with another “My Handmade Journey” Interview and this week we are talking to Cristina at Seven Dwarves Cottage. I’m going to tell you I just LOVED her shop as soon as I opened it up.  Adorable designs for every occasion. 

My Handmade Journey – Blue Umbrella Designs

Hi Friends!  This week I’m bringing to you the journey of Amanda and she is the brains behind Blue Umbrella Designs. She is the dream shop for any mom who is looking for educational toys for their children. Enjoy! 1) Tell us a little about yourself? 

My Handmade Story – My Etsy Journey

This week starts a new series on the blog called, “My Handmade Story.” Every other week I will be bringing you the journey of different handmade artisans from around the globe. We will be discussing their creative processes, how they got started, where they sell their