Our Southern Empty Nest

Our Southern Empty Nest

This time last year we were sending our son off to his first year of college and our life has certainly changed since then. We are officially empty nesters and living in the strangest world, we ever could have imagined.

This year has brought great personal loss to our family, a deadly virus, civil unrest, a hurricane, and earthquake in our home town in North Carolina ALL in one week and a new way of life.

On January 3rd I had my normal daily phone call with my Mom. Checking in to see how she and my Stepdad were doing and if she was getting the house cleaned up from the whirlwind holidays. On January 4th my mother was gone before I even woke up that morning. It was the first parent loss for my husband and me and it struck us hard. It ushered us into a new stage of our life we didn’t see coming.

Before I could get my breath back Covid-19 struck the United States and we were under quarantine. Our son had moved back home because his school and job had both shut down and we were sitting back shocked and afraid just like everyone else as we sheltered at home.

Toilet paper was wiped clean from the shelves and meat was slim. People bought what they saw out of fear as we waited to see what was going to happen next. As 2020 continued to spiral out of control and our country with it fear and confusion took over but at the same time my vision became clear and it was time for change on so many levels.

Broken by the fact my mother passed away with a list of “This year we are finally going to”, “This summer I’m going to…” and “I’d really love to…” moments that never happened I found that each time my husband and I talked and one of us said, “When we retire” my heart broke a little more.

In June our son was packing up to move back to school because his job had reopened and as I hugged him and told him we’d see him in a few weeks for his birthday I realized we just weren’t guaranteed that. It was time to take that list of “When we retire” activities and set them into motion. There was no time to delay our dreams because not one of us is promised a tomorrow and I didn’t want to live with regrets any longer.

With that said, Let me introduce you to a new series on the blog called, Empty Nest Living where I share with you our adventures and how we not only survive but thrive in this new stage of life and our empty nest.

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