Forever Flowers by MK

Forever Flowers by MK

Hello Friends! I know everyone’s world is turned upside down right now with the virus closing everything around us and putting the fear of the unknown into our hearts. So I will start today’s post by sending each of you well wishes and peace in your heart during this time.

A few weeks ago while running a party feature I ran across Forever Flowers by MK in my search for a Mulan Cake Topper. I instantly fell in love with her shop. It’s that moment you wish you had recently hit the lottery and could order one of everything. While her banners and toppers are beautiful her true original and stand out products are stunning themed flowers. I just can NOT wait to share her shop with you.

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From a makers standpoint and someone who has made a general flower here and there for things let me assure you this girl is working hard! Melissa Kate is the creative genius behind this shop and the time it takes to make such beautiful products is really unimaginable.

Clicking any photograph below will take you directly to that item in her shop but I highly encourage you to check out everything she carries because while most people will think she’s a party supply shop I promise you that her flower sets would make stunning nursery and children’s bedroom decor as well and I can assure you if I was a teacher or librarian these would be my room decor.

Deluxe Wonderland Set: 19 pc Large Paper Flowers |Paper Roses |Wedding Backdrop |Nursery Wall Decor |Bridal Shower |Baby Shower |Wall Decor

Winnie The Pooh and Friends: 3 pc Large Paper Flower Backdrop Display |Paper Roses |Dessert Table Backdrop |Pooh Bear |Tigger |Piglet |Disney

Dumbo Set: 9 pc Large Paper Flowers |Customizable |Dumbo Theme Decor |Circus theme |Desert table Backdrop |Dumbo baby shower decor |Disney

Tinkerbell Set: 7-9 pc Large Paper Flowers |Fairy Birthday Decorations |Tinkerbell Theme Birthday |Pixie Hallow| Room Decor|Peter Pan

Toy Story Set: 5 pc Large Paper Flower Backdrop• Birthday Party Decorations • Party Supplies • Slinky Dog • Disney Toy Story • Andy’s Room

Toy Story Banner: 3D Customizable Happy Birthday Banner • Birthday Party Decor • Andy’s Room • Woody and Buzz • Toy Story Theme • Aliens

Deluxe Rapunzel Set: 7-9 pc Large Paper Flowers |Tangled Birthday Decorations |Tangled Theme Birthday |Dessert Table |Princess Room Decor

Belle Set:12 Pc Large Paper Flowers • Beauty and The Beast Theme • Birthday Decorations • Girls Princess Wall Decor • Disney Belle • Party

Frozen Set: 5 pc Large Paper Flowers |Frozen Theme Decor |Dessert Table Backdrop |Winter Flowers |Birthday Backdrop |Snow Theme |Disney

Mermaid Set: 12 pc Flowers Large Paper Flowers | Little Mermaid Decor | Mermaid Theme Party |Under The Sea Backdrop | Wall Decor

Deluxe Snow White Set: 7-9 pc Large Paper Flowers| Customizable |Snow White Theme Decor |Snow white theme |Wedding Flower Backdrop

Deluxe Cinderella Set: 7-9 pc Large Paper Flowers | Customizable|Princess Theme |Nursery Wall Decor |Girls Room Decor |Baby Shower

Frozen Fever Set: 7 pc Large Paper Flowers Wall Decor | Frozen Theme Decor|Dessert Table Backdrop Winter Flowers Birthday Backdrop Sunflowers

Jasmine Set: 9-10 pc Large Paper Flowers|Aladdin Theme Decor|Dessert Table Backdrop|Arabian Nights|Birthday Backdrop|Gold Theme|Disney

Poppy Set: 13 pc Large Paper Flowers (Opt. PODS) |Trolls Birthday Backdrop |Dessert Table Decor |Trolls Theme Party |DreamWorks |Trolls pods

Wonder Woman Set: 5 pc Large Paper Flowers (Opt. Banner)|Hero Theme Decor | Dessert Table Backdrop | DC Heroes | Birthday Backdrop |Superhero

Harry Potter Set: 8pc Large Paper Flower Backdrop| Wizard Theme| Harry Potter Birthday| Baby Shower| Room Decor| Halloween| Classroom

Fiesta Set: 10 or 14 pc Large Paper Flowers |Fiesta Party |Mexican Wedding Decor |Coco Backdrop |Fiesta Birthday Decor |Dessert Table |Quince

Blushing Unicorn Set: 3-11 pc Large Paper Flowers |Party Backdrop |Nursery Wall Decor |Dessert Table Decor |Girls Room |Birthday Backdrop

Wolf Set: 7 pc Large Paper Flowers | Flowers and Wolf Face | Wolf Theme Decor | Baby Shower | Wolf Nursery Wall Decor |Woodland Creatures

Bunny Set: 5 pc Large Paper Flowers |Flowers and Bunny Face |Bunny Theme Decor |Baby Shower |Bunny Nursery Wall Decor |Easter Decor

Cute right?! I just can’t handle all the colors and sweetness! Go check all her amazing items out and as always thank you for stopping by today and stay safe. Wash your hands! Well, wash all your bits but especially your hands!

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