Etsy Virtual Assistant

This year marks my tenth year as an Etsy shop owner and I still love it every day. It has blessed me with an outlet to express my creativity, an opportunity to be a stay at home mom and over the past few years the chance to help others.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my years of SEO and Etsy experience to help new shops get started and keep booming shops serving more customers. A makers money is made when they are doing just that…Making. The administrative tasks of SEO, listing creation, and social media marketing are all very time consuming while also taking away from the much-needed task of filling orders. None the less they are key to running a successful Etsy shop.

I have ridden the waves for 10 years as Etsy changed and grew. I have seen shops be put on vacation while they made hours and days worth of changes to their shops to keep up with the ever-changing platform.

That is where I come in. I am your inbox manager, your SEO researcher, your social media manager, and your all-around administrative backup. I’m part of your team and your success is my success.

I currently work with a limited number of shops at one time. This allows me to assure I am giving the highest quality to my shop owners. As start-up shops are ready to fly solo I refill only those spots.

  1. I’ve successfully taken Pinterest accounts from brand new and zero views to over a million monthly views in as little as 2 months.
  2. I’ve helped create pins, shop banners, and everything you need to successfully start and run your own brand.
  3. I’ve successfully taken my part-time Etsy shop to a Full-Time shop allowing myself the opportunity to be a Stay at Home mom when my son was younger.
  4. I have spent countless hours researching SEO, Hashtags, and Trends to support my business and others.
  5. I work with up to date equipment fully equipped with all the needed software to keep not only your business safe but my own. Your information is confidential and I share it with no one.

With monthly packages starting as little as $15 allow me to assist you in building your business and be a trusted member of your team.

Contact me today for additional details here or on Instagram. No Obligation!