Etsy Shop & Product Reviews

Etsy Shop & Product Reviews

Starting January of 2020 we will be doing a weekly Etsy Product Reviews and here are the details!

  1. You send us a product(s) of your choice. It must be mailed just as you would mail it to a client. Packaging and branding will be included in the overall review.
  2. We will review the product on the Blog and Youtube. We will promote the review and item across all of our social media sites. Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  3. Charity! The item you send in for review will then be auctioned off at the end of each month on our Instagram page and all proceeds from the item donated to the charity of the month.

So lets review. You send us a product(s) of your choice and we will review and promote the item for you on our Blog, Youtube, and with our followers on Social Media. Once we complete the review we will Auction of that item for charity and donate the proceeds. It’s that simple! There is no additional charge to you it’s simply marketing you can feel good about.

Would you like to know more about my Etsy journey? Want to know what makes me think I can benefit you by reviewing your shop and products? Read my story below! Don’t really care? You can stop reading here because all the information you need is above!

I started my first Etsy shop when Etsy was in its infancy and here we are nearly 10 years and 3 shops later I can look back at the evolution of my business and appreciate the highs and even the lows. I have learned so much and I’m so grateful for those who have helped me along the way.

While Etsy was new makers selling their handmade crafts was not and it was the wisdom of those seasoned sellers that helped me grow my business to what I have today. Let me share with you two solid pieces of advice I heard from seasoned veterans in the business.

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself. It’s handmade, not machine-made and it will not always be perfect. That little bit of difference is what makes it unique.
  2. You’re not charging enough. Value your work and others will too.

My first shop was ornaments only and Etsy was so new I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from it. At that point, it was just my husband and I and we were both working full time so I was strictly “giving it a try” and making some extra Christmas money.

In 2013 I was working for a Children’s Mental Health home and we cared for many children including those in foster care and group homes. I met my son after he and all 6 of his siblings were taken from their mom and placed in foster care and group homes. Within 6 months my husband and I had our foster parent licenses, I quit my job and we adopted an amazing teenage boy. Talk about being thrown into a fire!

He needed what he never had before and that was very involved parents so I quit my job and took my Etsy shop full time working while he was in school. My shop evolved over the years because without that I could never replace my salary and the digital world would leave my shop behind. While that was important the most important thing I could do for my business was not digital and that was simple. Make a great product and provide excellent customer service. So as Etsy grows and changes so much our businesses and I’d love to help you in that journey with shop and product reviews. It’s often so hard to see not only our own mistakes but also our wins so let’s celebrate them!

If you are interested in having a review you can contact me via here on the contact page or find me on Instagram Here!

As always friends, thanks for stopping by!

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