Etsy Shop & Product Reviews

Etsy Shop & Product Reviews

Starting January of 2020 we will be doing a weekly Etsy Product Reviews and here are the details! You send us a product(s) of your choice. It must be mailed just as you would mail it to a client. Packaging and branding will be included 

My Handmade Journey – Iceboxs Yard

My Handmade Journey – Iceboxs Yard

Hi, Friends! I’m excited to share with you this weeks edition of, My Handmade Journey. Jan is the creative mind behind Iceboxs Yard on Etsy and Bonanza. If you’ve never head of Bonanza I highly encourage you to check out her shop here. Bonanza is 

My Handmade Journey – The Yellow Birdhouse

My Handmade Journey – The Yellow Birdhouse

Hi Friends! We are back with another interview in our series, My Handmade Journey. This week we are talking to Laura from The Yellow Birdhouse. I am very excited to share Laura’s interview with you. Not only does she have an Etsy shop but she 

North Carolina Mountains – Linville Caverns and Little Switzerland

North Carolina Mountains – Linville Caverns and Little Switzerland

This post may contain affiliate links. The small commission we make from affiliate purchases helps keep me in coffee and craft supplies but doesn’t make a difference in what you pay. All opinions are my own and I only share items with you I truly love. For 

My Handmade Journey – Specialties Craft

We are back with another interview in our handmade journey series and this week we are talking to Billie and her husband Robert who are owners of a wood crafting shop called Specialties Craft. Robert hand cuts each of their items on a scroll saw. 

My Handmade Journey – Hippy Chic Threads

I can not believe how fast the holidays flew by this year but we are back in the swing of things at this office and working on one of our favorite series. This week for my handmade journey we Interviewed Amy from Hippy Chic Threads. 

2018 Business Goals and Resolutions

January first always brings a fresh start to my mindset and I love setting down and hashing out new goals for our family and my business. I sat down after Christmas and started brain dumping what I wanted 2018 to look like and how I 

New Years Resolutions: Personal Goals

December came and went by so fast this year for me. Between the passing of my grandfather, getting sick and then other family commitments, I feel like somehow I lost days. I was so tired when Christmas Eve came that I almost considered skipping our 

My Handmade Journey – Seven Dwarves Cottage

Hi Everyone, we are back with another “My Handmade Journey” Interview and this week we are talking to Cristina at Seven Dwarves Cottage. I’m going to tell you I just LOVED her shop as soon as I opened it up.  Adorable designs for every occasion. 

My Handmade Journey – Nevaeh’s Bow Shop

This week we are interviewing Breanna and she’s the shop owner and designer behind Nevaeh’s Bow Shop. See how her love of bows for her little girl turned into her own business. 1) Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a 20-year-old stay at home mom 

What I’m thankful for….

I’m snuggled down in my living room with my laptop, coffee, and my favorite blanket.  My sweet old Lab is asleep at my feet and our kitty is taking a happy nap in the sunshine coming in the front door.  My Husband is at work 

My Handmade Journey – Blue Umbrella Designs

Hi Friends!  This week I’m bringing to you the journey of Amanda and she is the brains behind Blue Umbrella Designs. She is the dream shop for any mom who is looking for educational toys for their children. Enjoy! 1) Tell us a little about yourself? 

My Handmade Story – My Etsy Journey

This week starts a new series on the blog called, “My Handmade Story.” Every other week I will be bringing you the journey of different handmade artisans from around the globe. We will be discussing their creative processes, how they got started, where they sell their 

Beaufort, North Carolina

While Beaufort, North Carolina is not really a “road less traveled” location and is a fairly well know piece of the inner banks it has so many wonderful things to offer I knew it was important to share this sweet town. There’s no long packed 

Greensboro Science Center. Greensboro, North Carolina

I have a great love for a good farmers market and if you’re from the Piedmont Region of North Carolina you know that one of the best is in Greensboro. It’s chocked full of great farm fresh food and flowers. We aren’t super close so 

The Biltmore Estate. Asheville, North Carolina

I’ve lived in the south for 13 years and have to say I never ventured to Asheville.  I’m more of a beach girl and the mountains while beautiful just didn’t really call me. Despite that, I really wanted to go see the Biltmore. My son