Shop Spotlight – Modern Pink Paper

Shop Spotlight – Modern Pink Paper

I recently have found a new love or rather a more accurate statement has rekindled a love for note cards and handwritten letters.  I’m a child of the 80’s so we hand wrote letters in school all day… I feel guilty as I tell my son to be respectful and pay attention to his teachers knowing I wrote more notes in class then I can count! Eek…Mom Fail!

I also make my son’s hand write thank you notes which I never did as a child. Even to our immediate family at Christmas and birthdays. The horror! BUT!! I was thinking a nice gift for my nieces this year for Christmas would be a nice diary with lock and stationary. I think they would LOVE to have little pen pals.  So in my search, I ran across Modern Pink Paper and I’m excited to share her shop with you!

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*** Etsy Tip: A Handwritten note goes a long way when a buyer receives their products from you. It’s always a hit and makes their purchase feel personal and separates us from the big box stores! ***

She runs a website alongside her Etsy shop and that’s a big job! Clicking on a photograph below will lead you directly to the item in her shop but I encourage you to check out her website as well.


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Personalized Wedding Thank You Cards, Floral Thank you cards wedding stationary thank you Personalized engagement gifts for couple


She has a great variety of stationary for everyone in the family so be sure to check her out. As always thank you for supporting small and handmade businesses.

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