Shop Spotlight – Holls and Sia

Shop Spotlight – Holls and Sia

Happy Sunday, Folks!  I love Sundays. The house is quiet while my husband and son sleep in. The dog and I enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee and plan out our work week.  This is my time to really reflect on a few things. Where my family is heading…Are we still making progress toward our goals? What’s next for my business… Am I growing fast enough? What new products can I make?

It’s an opportunity to review on the goals I have written down and pray about them and really meditate on whether I’m giving the best of me to each part of my life.

It’s also the time where I sit down and look for new unique shops to spotlight. You guys know I truly love unique designs and products. Anyone can replicate other’s work but when you find something new and different it’s a treasure.

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Today I found a treasure! Holls and Sia. She makes some amazing signs and I loved them instantly. She hand paints each one which is rare today with sign makers. She also carries a line of baby bodysuits that are adorable.

So as always clicking on the photograph will take you directly to that item in her shop.

Hospital door hanger boy, hospital door wreath, baby boy door hanger, hospital door sign, nursery door hanger, deer head, antler


Floral door hanger, girl door hanger, hospital door sign, girl hospital door, nursery door sign, birth door hanger, baby door sign, peach


Gender neutral hospital door hanger, hospital door hanger, monogram, deer nursery, yellow, l nursery door hanger, baby door hanger


Floral door hanger, purple girl door hanger, hospital door sign, girl hospital door, nursery door sign, purple door hanger, baby door sign


Lumberjack baby shower gift, hospital door hanger boy, Buffalo plaid, lumberjack nursery, baby gift, baby boy, birth stats sign


Plaid hospital door hanger, hospital door hanger wreath, grey red plaid, plaid nursery wall art, lumberjack nursery, plaid baby


Cloud and sheep hospital door hanger, nursery door hanger boy, cloud nursery walk art, sheep nursery wall art, sheep cloud theme
Baby boy door hanger, hospital door hanger, hospital door sign, woodlands, woodland door hanger, boy hospital door sign, teepee
Llama bow holder, llama wall art, llama headband holder, hair bow organizer, llama decor, girls room decor, baby shower gift


Unique bow holder, headband holder, floral bow holder, hairbow holder, headband organizer, cheer bow holder, headband organizer, girl room
Baby girl door hanger, hospital door hanger girl, unicorn hospital door hanger, unicorn nursery, unicorn, unicorn wall art, unicorn sign


Baseball, sports door hanger, baby door wreath, nursery decor, baseball decor, sports nursery, red nursery, baby door hanger, hospital door



With a great variety of signs, baby wear, printable’s and nursery decor she’s got a little bit of everything so go check her out! As always thank you for supporting small and handmade businesses.

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