2018 Business Goals and Resolutions

January first always brings a fresh start to my mindset and I love setting down and hashing out new goals for our family and my business. I sat down after Christmas and started brain dumping what I wanted 2018 to look like and how I could make sure my business goals were realistic but challenging to keep me reaching each month! I also needed to make sure my business goals would ensure we could make our family goals possible.

After looking at my business income from 2017 I decided it was time for a change. I looked at my income sources and started to break them down into 3 groups. Passive, Semi-Passive and Daily Workers.  I drew a triangle and started breaking down income sources into the three categories.  I’m a visual person so I grabbed some washi tape, cardstock and the laminator and went to town. Each section will contain the goals and tasks needed for that piece of the 2018 puzzle! The bottom row has one block split into two…stay tuned I’m not ready to reveal that just yet but I’m really looking forward to it.

So this year in my Etsy store will be getting a facelift! All new products are on the way!  This past December I had to close my shop over Thanksgiving when my Grandfather’s health declined and my family needed me. This was a blow to our income. He passed at the beginning of December and closing your shop on the busiest month of the year is hard! With that said it really skewed my 2017 numbers so I took into account the numbers from both 2016 and 2017 to set the new goals.

Etsy Goal: 125 Monthly Sales. Now, this may not seem like a high number but it’s important you remember we are talking handmade!

I also set two other goals for both Amazon and Youtube. Here is how they break down.

Amazon:  No less than 50 listings at all times.

Youtube: A second channel to go with a second blog AND 4 videos a week between the 2.

Blogging: This blog is only a few months old but it grows daily. It’s like watching a flower bloom. Looking at it daily to see how it’s grown and changed with each day is beautiful! I never expected to love blogging as much as I do. From start to finish I enjoy every minute which is why I have a second blog on the way! Because both blogs are still both so fresh and new I’ve decided not to set a financial goal for them but instead to create content and growth goals instead.

These are six-month goals because I fully plan on blowing these numbers out of the water and pushing myself to keep doubling them every six months.

Content: 2 new posts per week.

Growth: 1000 weekly views.

I’m very excited to get 2018 started. I’m organized, I’ve got my board built to keep my schedule straight and I’ve got my notebook full of to-dos. How do you plan to tackle 2018 either in business or personal? Please share!

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