Etsy Review – BeeUtifully Organic

You know my motto…Happiness is handmade!  With that said I’m very excited to be starting my series of handmade reviews. I’m going to share the good and the bad and sometimes the downright ugly.

Today, however, we are so starting at simply beautiful! A few years ago I cut as many scents and dyes out of our products as I could. It was irritating my husband’s skin so I changed to baby clothing detergents, organic soaps, got rid of all the cleaning products with harsh chemicals. I dropped every bit of it in the trash and started on a search to replace those products one by one.

Now, I’ve been searching for some time for a bar soap that didn’t leave a plastic feeling on our skin when we were done using it and I think I’ve found it finally!

While looking for a little something different for my mermaid loving niece’s birthday I ran across Ami over at BeeUtifully Organic.

I instantly realized I didn’t have enough money for Ami’s store. Not because she was priced high but just simply because I wanted one of EVERYTHING in her store.  I rained myself in and got a grip before ordering these super cute mermaid tail soaps.

 Mermaid Tail Soaps Mermaid Tail Soaps

She also had bar soap that had the tails sticking out the top. Add 10 of those to my cart, please! I didn’t but a girl can dream folks! However, as I was on the hunt for a little something special for my niece these were the perfect size for her little hands.

 Close up of the cuteness! Close up of the cuteness!

I was super excited to give these to one of my favorite little girls but also that it came with a free sample! Seriously, this girl loves a free sample! This box came with a bar soap sample in green tea and it was what really sold me on placing another order with Ami.  Not only did this little sample last me almost 2 weeks I loved the way my skin felt after I used it. I didn’t have that residue feel after my hands and arms dried.

 Green Tea Soap Free Sample Green Tea Soap Free Sample

I have placed several orders with this Etsy shop since I placed this initial order. I now have a little bit of everything from her shop from lotion to eyeshadows.  The other thing I have from her shop much to the dismay of my bank account and my husband is a wish list! Go check her out! Check out her Facebook group for monthly sampler packs if you want to give her a try or jump straight in with her Etsy shop.

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