My Handmade Journey – Nevaeh’s Bow Shop

This week we are interviewing Breanna and she’s the shop owner and designer behind Nevaeh’s Bow Shop. See how her love of bows for her little girl turned into her own business.

1) Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a 20-year-old stay at home mom of two. Nevaeh, she’s two. Abel, he’s 6 months. I live in Pennsylvania. My boyfriend works in the oilfield.

2) What do you sell?

I sell hair bows.

3) Without giving away your secrets can you describe a little about your process or the time that goes into making an item?

With two children, making a bow can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to hours depending on them that day. I make different types of bows that have two totally different processes to make. I have ribbon bows & vinyl canvas bows. With ribbon bows, I have to cut & seal the ribbon to my desired length. Fold the bow to the shape I want it to be & tie it so it keeps its shape & then glue the finishing touches on it. With the vinyl canvas bows, I trace the bows out with a template & then cut them. Then, I fold & glue the finishing touches on them. 

 Photo Credit: Nevaeh's Bow Shop Photo Credit: Nevaeh’s Bow Shop

4) How long have you run your shop? Full time or Part time?  If Part-time when do you carve out time to dedicate to your shop?

I started my shop in July this year. I suppose it is part-time since I have to work around my children & their schedule & needs. I make the bows whenever they’re sleeping or playing contently together. 

5) Your favorite part of running your shop?

My favorite part of running my shop is seeing, hearing, or reading people’s reactions to my products. I also love when I get an order & I get to make a bow for someone. When I package it up to ship it out, I still get that nervous feeling of just hoping they love it as much as I do. 

6) The least favorite part of running your own shop?

I honestly don’t have a least favorite part. I love it all from making the product, listing the product, dealing with my customers. 

 Photo Credit: Nevaeh's Bow Shop Photo Credit: Nevaeh’s Bow Shop

7) What inspired you to start your shop on Etsy? Did you have an inspiration or support that encouraged you to do it?

I’ve always loved hair accessories for my daughter. I always had headbands in her hair when she was little & had absolutely no hair to getting the tiniest bit of hair in the gum band & putting the tiniest bow on it. One day, I looked at my boyfriend & said that I wanted to make Nevaeh bows for her hair & he told me to do it. So we went to Micheals to buy a couple things of ribbon where I practiced for a couple days. That lead to finding designer ribbon on Etsy. I support other Etsy shop owners every chance I get to. My friends & family encouraged me a lot about my bows & that’s what kept me going.

8) What helps you to stay motivated and creating new products? Do you listen to podcasts or have any favorite Etsy guru’s you follow?

My customers & my daughter keeps me motivated mostly. There’s no better feeling than when a customer compliments my bows or my daughter grabs one & says “oooooohhh cuuute!”

9) Your best advice for someone thinking of opening a shop up on Etsy or for someone struggling with their current shop?

If you’re thinking of opening up a shop, there’s no better advice than to just do it. There’s no better time than now. Even if you only have a few things to list, open your shop. Etsy has a lot of great articles to read about opening a shop on their website/app. If you’re currently struggling with your business or feeling discouraged, put yourself & your product out even more. Being an introvert & wanting to have your own small business is very hard but will definitely make you come out of your shell! Do events like craft shows, do giveaways where people have to share & like your page to be entered!

 Photo Credit: Nevaeh's Bow Shop Photo Credit: Nevaeh’s Bow Shop

10) Share with us a few of your favorite or life-saving Etsy resources. (websites, forums etc)

I honestly read very little resources. I went in winging it & learning as I went.

Thanks, Breanna for joining us today!

Here’s the link one more time for Breanna’s shop. I highly encourage you to go check her out. With nearly 100 different designs in her shop, she has something for everyone in the bow category!

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