New Years Resolutions: Personal Goals

December came and went by so fast this year for me. Between the passing of my grandfather, getting sick and then other family commitments, I feel like somehow I lost days. I was so tired when Christmas Eve came that I almost considered skipping our family gathering to stay home and sleep.  I didn’t want to miss the moments that are so precious so I took a shot of coffee and away we went. With each year a little more of the magic is gone for the kids as they get older and wiser to Pap ringing sleigh bells outside of the windows of the house while they open gifts and they no longer rush to check where Santa is on the tracking app.  So as parents we hold on to every second of the magic our children bring to the holidays.  We know that at any moment the mystery of Santa, the elves, and flying reindeer could leave us until the next generation.

So as always I encourage you to collect memories.

For 2018 I have the usual set of resolutions. Pay off debt, budget better,  exercise, watch what I eat and get the house organized. You know… the same goals I set E V E R Y single year!

This year, I’m adding a new goal and I’m excited for it to be life-changing.  Before Christmas, I was looking around my office and trying to decide the best way to rearrange it and make it the most effective for meeting my business goals for 2018. You’ll learn more about those this week.

I have a large china cabinet in my office that holds a lot of my wedding dishes and some other “precious” dishes and items. As I looked at the cabin I thought just how much more effective it would be for me to use it that as work storage.  Immediately, I shot myself down because, “What would I do with all my good dishes?” I opened up one of the doors and it was dusty and I was a little sad to realize they had sat there since our wedding 12 years ago. Completely unused.  When we registered for our wedding I put items on it for the future. For when we had a bigger house and I could entertain. For when I would be cooking big family dinners for my children and families at the holidays. For special occasions.

I looked around and saw the photographs of my grandfathers memorial table and it was like a slap in the face. What in the world was I waiting for? Why couldn’t every day be a special occasion?

I opened up a few doors and I started pulling things out. I pulled out a tea set and moved them into my kitchen to put my coffee supplies in.  I took out the Bride and Groom ornaments that were used as place cards at our wedding and put them on our tree.  I put our wedding cake server in the drawer with our everyday silverware. I pulled out the glassware that matches our china and put it in the cabinet.

Holy Crap! I felt so free. All these years that I’ve walked passed these items which I love and it never once dawned on it me that each day is a special day. Each dinner I serve when I sit down with B and E is a family dinner. Each time I slice a cake or pie to enjoy with friends or family is a special occasion. How have I missed what was right in front of me all these years?

So in 2018, I will be adding to my resolution to collect moments instead of things and I will be living for today. I will continue to plan for our future while savoring each day as a special gift. I will be drinking my daily water from my beautiful wine glasses.  Serving dinner to my family and friends on my wedding china.

I will embrace each day as a special occasion and stop waiting for tomorrow. I will not put off for another day what I can enjoy today and I will no longer wait for the perfect time. Every time is perfect!

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