Collecting Moments – Because they bring me joy

I sat down this morning and started to write what I hoped would be a great post about some neat things I had found for gifts and was about three paragraphs in when I had to stop. I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath. I have been working so hard and so much lately to “build our happily ever after” I had lost sight of the other purpose which was to collect moments. To let go of stress and to-dos but instead embrace the fleeting moments.

Time flies. We all know this. We all know that our children grow up too fast and that our parent’s age too quickly. We miss it because we are so busy with things that I have to truly question, “Are they really that important?”  I looked at my desk and scratched three things off my to-do list for this week and moved them further down my calendar. It will not ruin my business if I post two blog posts this week instead of three. It will not close my Etsy shop if I don’t design 10 new items this week.   I will not be kicked out of the PTA if I say no to one less party or proctor one less test.

Yesterday I had to sit my son down and tell him that his friend’s surgery had complications and he had passed away. Sixteen years old and just starting some of the best times of his life and just like that he is gone. No warning and no chance for goodbyes. He was the sweetest kid. He was an individual. Not a leader or a follower, but just content in who he was. He always had a smile and a helping hand to anyone he encountered. He will be sadly missed and my heart is broken that the others in this world will never be blessed by knowing him.

Last night we sat and watched the CMA awards and I saw the face of a man I grew up with flash across the screen because he was lost at the hand of the gunman in Las Vegas.

I set up my social media for the day on Facebook and I see a Mom post thanks to those who helped her along the four year journey of her son’s battle with cancer. She thanked them for their support and thanked God her son was no longer in pain. He lost his hard-fought battle at just 20 years old.

The news is playing in the background while I work and they discuss further details of the mass shooting in Texas. My heart is broken. I’m so sad for everyone. I’m broken for those lost and their families. I’m sad for the shooter for the type of life he had to have led that would lead him to do such a horrific thing.

I stop and take another deep breath. 

I reach down and pat my sweet old Lab’s head. She’s asleep on the rug beside my desk and at first, I think, “crap there is dog fur everywhere.” then I think, “but that can wait” and I sit on the floor beside her and rub her belly. Because she brings me joy.

A stray neighborhood kitty walks across our front porch.  I sneak a little bowl of milk and cat food onto the porch and give her a scratch behind the ears. Because it brings me joy.

I pull the sheets and blankets off the beds and I wash them and remake the beds. Tonight, when my husband and son get into their warm beds, they will know I took care of them today and that they are loved. Because they bring me joy.

I take a moment to read a devotion from a book a sweet coworker gave me for my birthday a few years ago and drink some warm tea. Because it brings me joy.

I decided today is not that day. Today I will not let stress be the winner. I will not let overwhelm of “tasks” steal my joy or my chance to collect a special memory. Because we have no idea at what time or on what day there will no longer be the opportunity to collect them any longer. I beg you to not let those moments pass you. There will come a time when you realize God does not care what you have here on earth, but He does care who you are and so should you. Give with your heart, love with all that you have, and collect every laugh, smile, and memory you can before they pass you by.

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