Gift Guide for little girls made by a little girl

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One of my favorite moments of the Thanksgiving weekend was a little snuggle and talk time with my sweet niece. I don’t get it often enough! They live over 2 hours from here and with two busy families going in different directions I just wish I got to spend more time with her.  So while everyone hustled around us and the cabin hummed with all the conversations around us I took the opportunity to get in all my hugs and talk to her about her Christmas list.

She told me she had one more week until she would be seeing Santa so her list was “unconfirmed”. Eek, that little girl is smart! The first thing on her list was a fish tank for her little fish. She informed me, “He is my very favorite thing” So sweet!

Now, mind you being a boy mom I had to make a mental note of what she asked for because I had never heard of any of it. When she said she wanted a Laugh out Loud doll I fully expected a giggling doll. Let me tell you, that is not the case but they apparently are a hot ticket item this year. So let me share with you!

LOL Doll – Apparently these are a series and on top of various series you can get different versions. Either way, this is evidently at the top of lots of little girls Christmas list. I asked around about these and each little girl I asked got very excited when explaining them to me.

Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit – Admittedly this is adorable! I’d have wanted this as a little girl. They also make a little nail polish ice cream shop. Let me just add those to my cart now!

Spirograph – I had a flashback when she mentioned the Spirograph. I loved this toy as a child and I know she will too! What little girl doesn’t want a little ice cream truck that makes lip gloss!

Disney’s Never Girls Books – These are really cute and perfect for her. She enjoys reading and the adventures the Never Girls go on will keep her entertained.  There are multiple books already in the series as well as a journal that I just loved when I searched for them. I ordered her this four-book set to get her started and the journal. I’m going to combine them up with a fun pen and bookmark for her Christmas gift. She’ll love it!

Never Girls Journal – I had to add this when I saw it.  I really thought it made the perfect addition to the books. I have a book from when I was her age from Dr. Suess. I filled in the answers and when I run across it now I love to read it.

I hope you’ll find these ideas helpful. Now if I can only get one of my nephews to stand still long enough to give me a list!

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