What I’m thankful for….

I’m snuggled down in my living room with my laptop, coffee, and my favorite blanket.  My sweet old Lab is asleep at my feet and our kitty is taking a happy nap in the sunshine coming in the front door.  My Husband is at work and our son is still asleep.

I’m thankful for the quiet.

I just finished writing up my to do and grocery list so I don’t forget anything we need for tomorrows family dinner. My husbands entire family started arriving last night and the last few will come tonight full of smiles and hugs.

I’m thankful for my family.

I am heating up last nights leftovers and I’m watching the trees blow outside the window. The trees are almost bare and what few leaves are left are falling fast. 

I’m thankful for the warmth of our home and never having to worry about food.

I write this post and I look around at all my blessings. How many items I walk past each day and forget that I’m taking them for granted. I should be more thankful. I am not rich and I’m no supermodel but I’m blessed.  I have a hard working husband whos hugs can heal any hurt in my world. I have a fabulous son who loves honestly and unconditionally to all around him. I have a warm safe home with food in the cabinets. I have a business that allows me so many opportunities including staying home with our son.  I have family who comes from near and far to share holidays with us.  I often take for granted all I have in my life and forget that not everyone has these things. 

So today as you spend time with your family and prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving look around and soak in your blessings. Remember those that are less fortunate than you and those serving overseas so that we can be free to have these freedoms. 
Tell your family you love them. Laugh abundantly and collect every moment that you can.

I am thankful for you!
Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate. For those who do not, it doesn’t take a holiday to look around you and be grateful.

With Love,

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