What’s in my Etsy Cart!

What’s in my Etsy Cart!

This year has been a doozy so far and it’s only May. I constantly have a running “Wish list” in my Etsy favorites and I’m going I’m excited to start sharing that with you all but also, what actually made it into my cart on a weekly basis!

Yesterday I placed an order and I’m super excited to show you what I hit “Buy Now” on and why!

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As you know if you follow me on Instagram my husband and I bought a new home and closed 5 days before Christmas. I knew before I moved in I would be decorating it on Etsy and local small businesses.

Shortly after the new year my mom unexpectedly passed away and just when I started to get back on my feet Covid-19 took over the world. So admittedly while all the boxes are unpacked the walls are bare and we just haven’t hit that “lived in” home vibe yet, but we are on our way and I have an Etsy wish list a mile long! Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing it all with you!

So, what made it into my cart this week… Well take a peak!

Clicking on the photograph takes you directly to that item in the maker’s shop on Etsy.

First I’m excited to share with you this amazing piece of Tobacco Leaf Art by Artisan Leaf.

North Carolina State Map, Tobacco Leaf, Eastern North Carolina, Home Decor

I really wanted the extra-large NC Shape they offered but it was outside my budget so we went with the 23-inch piece to fill space over our living room couch. We have other items from his shop from past trips to their store in Wilson, NC. My husband’s family is from the area and his parents, Aunt’s, Uncles, Grandparents all grew up in tobacco fields on their family farms. So these pieces are special to us and carry a little bit of history in them.

I also made a second order from Planner Sticker Jubilo. I recently did a Shop Spotlight and Review for this shop on some items I purchased and LOVED. So I went back and picked up a few more items on my needs list this week.

You can find my spotlight and review here!

This time I picked up 3 new sticker sets for tracking my grocery budget, the pet meds, and of course my blogging topics for the month. I’m excited for them to arrive!

Planner Stickers – Laptop Icon Stickers, Blog Stickers – Fits Any Planner

GROCERY BAG Planner Stickers. Journal Stickers. Calendar Stickers

PET CARE Stickers. Planner Stickers. Calendar Stickers

My final purchase this week came from Blocks of Love. I’ve had them on my “favorites” list for years and just never ordered but now with the new house and mantle I didn’t hesitate to purchase a few items and I will be back for sure!

This time I bought a summer set and then three things for Halloween. I got the Halloween stuff because I knew I wanted it and it pushed me to that $35 dollar free shipping mark!

I got these super fun popsicles. I bought 3 different colors. I can’t wait to see them in person!

Personalized Popsicle Summer Decor Popsicle Blocks Personalized Blocks – Add-on for Grandma’s Treats Block Set

I picked up this sweet ghost set just for a simple set to have and that would be cute anywhere. I couldn’t resist! They are so cute! Being a family of three they just really spoke to me as a Ghost Dad, Mom, and son. Silly I know.

Halloween Decor Block Set-Personalized Wood Block Love Set decor primitive block gift holiday wood sign Personalized Halloween Family Decor

I also purchased three of these “Little Monsters” and the name blocks for underneath. I’m looking forward to seeing them because I think the grandma’s in our family would love these for all the grandkids.

I purchased the Girl Wolf, Dracula and Frankenstein! So cute! I can tell you I goofed up my order when I placed it and the ladies that run this shop were SO sweet and fixed my mistake.

Little Monsters Halloween Decor Accent Pieces Dracula Frankenstein Mummy Werewolf Halloween Decoration Shelf Sitter Ghost Ghoul Spirit

Add-On Name Block ONLY – Monsters NOT INCLUDED

What a mix right? Well, let me assure you I’m so excited for it all to start arriving. Stay Tuned because you’ll see them again soon!

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