Simply Stained Shop Product Review

Simply Stained Shop Product Review

One new feature we will be bringing to the blog this year is product reviews and if you’re a maker and want to learn more about that you can find the information here!

This item is not part of that as I purchased this piece myself and it will not get auctioned off. This review is strictly my honest opinion of the product as someone who has over 10 years of Etsy and handmade experience.

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Photo Credit: Simply Stained Shop (Etsy)

NOW! Enough with the legality! Let’s jump right in and let me share a little bit about Simply Stained Shop with you. I first contacted Lauren back at the end of December. We had just purchased a new home, the holidays were over and we were mostly unpacked. I was ready to decorate and knew I wouldn’t be buying anything from a store. I wanted to support makers and fill my home with handmade pieces. I wanted to support small businesses!

I had misplaced the recipe I wanted for the sign in the move and I was pretty devastated by that. I knew I couldn’t get another one. But I figured it had to be in the house that it just got tucked between other items in the move. On the 7th of January my mom unexpectedly passed away and my world stopped.

Once I got back to NC and settled in I contacted Lauren to let her know I had not forgotten her and I was still searching for my recipe to scan to her. She was so kind and sent her condolences and understanding. As the days started to return to somewhat normal I was searching everywhere still for this recipe that I was certain could only be one place and I started to rip things apart in my office. I didn’t even want to tell my husband that I couldn’t find it as it was his grandmother’s recipe and the sign was going to be a gift from him for my birthday. Oy! So much dread!!!

Click this photograph to go directly to the item in Laurens shop!

My 43rd birthday rolled in on January 22nd and it was honestly short of unbearable. It was my first without my mom, my first with my son away at college and my husband worked 14 hours that day. So I was going the day very much alone. I decided the best thing I could do that day was keep busy working and organizing the house. I puttered around all day and admittedly talked to my mom a lot. Then she sent me the first sign she was with me since she had passed. A gift only she could have given me. I walked into my office and in plain sight on the shelf was the lost recipe. I won’t even tell you how long I just stood there staring at it in complete disbelief. Then I cried… ALOT! I thanked her and took it immediately to scan to Lauren. I ordered my sign and while the rest of the day was still a bit lonely my heart was healed for the day. So I have to say my sign from Simply Stained is very special to me.

*Side note: For my skeptical friends – I did call my husband to make sure he hadn’t put the recipe there. His response was probably like most crafters husbands, “No! I don’t go to your office for fear you’ll ask me to cut or make something!”

I ordered my sign and within 3 days it was in the mail and on it’s way to me. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait for it to get to me. Lauren opened Simply Stained Shop on Etsy in 2018 and already has over 10,000 sales and a 5 Star rating! That is simply amazing.

When the sign arrived in the mail it came in a polybag and I have to admit I was a bit worried. I’ve sent wooden pieces in poly bags before and it has never ended well for me. I opened it up to find a nice note and an extremely well-packaged sign. It came wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap and cardboard corner protectors. It was in perfect shape.

One thing many people question is whether or not these are made from vinyl and the answer is no. While the writing is somewhat raised it has an almost printed feel to it and there are no worries that this will ever peel or fade.

I choose a clean white background because my kitchen walls are a khaki color but she offers it in black or green as well along with six color options for framing. I went with the dark walnut option to compliment the cabinet below it that my husband’s uncle built nearly 35 years ago. The frame is clean and splinter-free. Very simple and farmhouse in it’s look.

In the end, I really couldn’t be happier with my sign. It’s well made and will be a treasured piece of decor in our kitchen. Lauren’s customer service and fast response to my questions and patients with my time frame were excellent!

Simply Stained Shop is filled with over a hundred great pieces and I’m excited to share with you a few more of my favorites from her shop. Take a few minutes and pop over to her shop and check out some of her work. You can click on any photograph below and it will take you directly to her shop on Etsy.

Your Baby’s Footprints; Fingerprints Baby Gift, Nursery Decor, Footprint Sign.

Your Family Photos; Framed Wood Photo Signs, Home Decor, Picture on Wood Sign

Personalized Photos; Removable Shelf Sitter, Home Decor, Farmhouse Frame

Listed Family Names; Grandparent Gift; Personalized Name Sign, Wooden Sign, Farmhouse, Home Decor

Mini Wood Stacked Books; Made to look like Books; Tiered Shelf Decor; Custom words, Home Decor, Farmhouse Decor

Word On Wood; Shelf Sitter Removable Sign; Replaceable Sign; One Word; One Little Word; Word for 2020

She carries lots of great signs and pieces for teachers which I think is great but you can rest assured there is a little something for everyone in her shop. Pop over and take a peek and as always friends, thank you for stopping in!

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