Shop Spotlight – Poptone

Shop Spotlight – Poptone

Often times in my search for a shop to spotlight I’m looking for something unique and different from the usual signs and decor pieces. Don’t get me wrong, they are fabulous but the reality is that Etsy has some of the most unique and amazing items around.  It is a showcase for some of the creative people out there.

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Poptone stuck out to me today as unique and something I’ve never seen before which is why I’m bringing Caitlin’s shop to you today as our spotlight.

Clicking the photograph below will take you directly to that item in her shop but I encourage you to take a peek at all of her great listings!

Magnolia Earrings, White Flower Stud Earrings, Magnolias, Floral Bridal Earrings, flower studs

Aspen Leaf Earrings, Acorn studs, yellow leaf earrings, autumn jewelry, woodland earrings, mismatched earrings

Tropical Leaf Earrings, philodendron leaves, plant earrings, tropical green leaf studs, elephant leaf jewelry

Mermaid Shell Earrings with gold leaf, Mermaid gift, mermaid stud earrings, beach jewelry, mermaid style, little mermaid gift

Seashell Earrings, asymmetrical shell studs, beach jewelry, sea shell posts, nautical earrings, ocean earrings

Popsicle Stud Earrings / Colorful Summer Fun Stud Earrings / Mexican Paleta Earrings / Bomp Pop

Lemon Stud Earrings / Lemon Fruit Earrings / Yellow Citrus Summer earrings

Mix Tape Stud Earrings / Cassette Tape Earrings / 80’s Retro Mixed Tape Jewelry

Blueberry earrings, double sided, multilayer berry earrings, woodland jewelry, blue berry, blue summer earrings, front back earrings

Peach Stud Earrings, fruit earrings, peach jewelry, sweet peaches, kawaii fruit jewelry, titanium earrings

Flower Bouquet Vase Necklace, succulent botanical necklace, floral necklace, flower vase pendant. Poptone

Love Wins Candy Conversation Heart Earrings, valentine earrings, candy hearts, valentines gift for her

Jupiter and Saturn Planet Earrings, galaxy earrings, science stud earrings, space jewelry, NASA, science teacher gift, cute nerd. Poptone

Camping Earrings, tent and campfire mismatched stud earring set, outdoor jewelry, hiking earrings. Poptone

Kraken Octopus Necklace, Nautical Statement Necklace, ocean ship pendant, octopus jewelry, kraken and pirate ship. Poptone

Red Poppy Earrings, poppies, poppy jewelry, red flower stud earrings, poppy studs, red poppies. Poptone

Red Leaf Earrings, fall leaves earrings, autumn leaf studs, red woodland jewelry. Poptone

Yarn ball earrings, knitting gift, blue ball of yarn earring studs, a gift for a knitter. Poptone

You’ll never find a gift like this in Walmart. Unique and made with love! As always thank you for supporting small and handmade businesses!

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