Shop Spotlight and Review – Planner Sticker Jubilo

Shop Spotlight and Review – Planner Sticker Jubilo

You guys know I have a great love for my planner and fun planner stickers but I don’t just use my planner stickers inside my personal planner. We have a full family center and I use my planner stickers for coordinating our entire family.

Each family member has their own color and their own categories and it’s centrally located so everyone knows what’s happening each day. From meal plans to bills and appointments every member of our family knows what’s happening from day to day.

Planner Stickers, Functional Planner Stickers. Bill Planner Stickers

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So I didn’t realize until the beginning of April that I was out of my favorites and needed new stickers so I muddled through April with Washi tape and when on the search for new stickers for the new few months and that’s when I ran across Planner Stickers Jubilo. I knew I wanted functional stickers over pretty stickers but of course, wanted something that would really stand out and look good.

She had really beautiful mixed colors but I had mine printed in single colors so I could coordinate. Kate was great about fitting her designs to my needs.

Planner Stickers, Functional Planner Stickers. Bill Planner Stickers

She carries two types of paper both a deluxe vinyl and a premium matte. I went with the premium matte because it allows you to move the stickers after it’s placed and I am a bit crazy about placement so I wanted to be able to shift the placement if I wasn’t happy with the location or plans changed.

While most people would think that the size of these stickers in comparison to the big calendar seems off but the reality is they are perfect! It allows for multiple things to be on one day without it looking cluttered or disorganized. With our family of 3, we are constantly going in different directions but at any time I can look at a day and know exactly where everyone is heading and that’s important. The large calendar with planner sized stickers allows for our family to run a business, college, jobs, and personal commitments all from one location, and to me that is priceless.

The color and paper are lovely and I was thrilled with my purchase. I loved that when I was done placing my stickers despite the differences in color they all matched and looked like they belonged together. I will be making a second purchase soon!

Planner Stickers, Functional Planner Stickers. Bill Planner Stickers

Clicking any photograph above will take you directly to her shop’s front page but I wanted to share with you not only the exact items I purchased but a few favorites I will be adding to my next purchase to round out my calendar for the upcoming months.

Clicking any photograph below takes you directly to the item in her shop.

These top there are the Work, Payday, and Bill sets that I purchased. I did have the color changed as I mentioned earlier to suit my needs but they are perfect.

Below that are some really amazing functional stickers I’ll be adding to my cart soon!

WORK STICKERS – SCALLOPED Corners. Planner Stickers. Calendar Stickers. Journal Stickers

PAYDAY FLAG Stickers. Payday Flag Strip, Planner Stickers, Functional Planner

BILL DUE Planner Stickers, Functional Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers – Change Sheets – Erin Condren Planner Stickers, Personal Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers School Reminders, Student Planner Stickers, Functional Student Stickers

Appointment Stickers, Juicy Watercolor Appointment Labels/Fits the Erin Condren Planner and The Happy Planner

Planner Stickers PayDay Corners, Bill Pay, Functional Planner Stickers

CANCELLED Stickers. RESCHEDULED Stickers. Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers – Laptop Icon Stickers, Blog Stickers – Fits Any Planner!

COFFEE STICKERS. Coffee Cup Planner Stickers. Journal Stickers. Scrapbooking Stickers. Calendar Stickers

Meeting Planner Stickers, Meeting Labels, Meeting Stickers – Bold Colors

Bill Due Stickers, Juicy Watercolor Bill Due Labels/Fits the Erin Condren Planner and The Happy Planner

Planner Stickers Workout Flags, Exercise planner stickers

WORK HEADERS. Work Stickers. Planner Stickers

COLLEGE Stickers. School Stickers. Planner Stickers. Journal Stickers. Functional student planner.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stickers. Planner Stickers. Happy Birthday Labels

With a 5 Star rating, super cute product and super fast shipping, you can purchase with confidence from Kate! My stickers arrived on my door within 3 days of placing my order on Etsy.

Thank you for stopping in today’s friends and I encourage you to shop small. Right now small business owners need our support.

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