DIY Embroidery Kits from A Lively Hope

DIY Embroidery Kits from A Lively Hope

The shelter in place is brutal. I mean there is just NO other way to put it. I work from home and spend most days without leaving my house so it seems like this should be a breeze for me. It’s not! I guess in my daily life I don’t notice it but the sheer fact I can’t go anywhere is mentally draining. The ability to choose if I go out or not apparently makes all the difference and while we aren’t on a mandatory stay at home I really feel like morally it is mandatory.

Our son is home from college as his job and the school have shut down and we have spent a ton of time playing cards, catching up on tv and movies as well as making tons of stuff. My son and husband spend a ton of time in the garage. From quarantine I have two new benches on my front porch, 2 lovely stand up vegetable boxes and we are on our way to a catio in my screened-in porch. While I’ve put my Etsy shop on vacation because I don’t want to commit to products I may not be able to get all the supplies for I do still have plenty of craft items in my office.

Things I’ve bought for myself to make and that have been neglected during the shuffle of time. So I’ve picked those up and completed many little half-finished projects. One project I’ve always wanted to do and just never found the time for was embroidery.

I ran across many shops selling the exact same kits over and over again. First, let me tell you how frustrating that is to me because that means they are just selling premade kits they bought in China. Most actually were shops IN China and right now I just wasn’t willing to promote them. Now before you pass judgment it was mostly because of the shipping time and how held up anything is coming from China with the virus. Bottom line, nothing else to it so don’t go searching for any other reason or hate. Another reason is that they aren’t handmade or vintage. That’s not the point of Etsy. Sorry!

NOW, A Lively Hope is run by a Heidi out of Utah. She also has a newsletter where she sends out a free monthly pattern to her subscribers. So if you love to embroider I encourage you to check that out! She sells both kits and patterns which is great if your more advanced and have your own supplies on hand. I was looking for a full starter kit.

This post may contain affiliate links. The small commission we make from affiliate purchases helps keep me in coffee and craft supplies but doesn’t make a difference in what you pay. All opinions are my own and I only share items with you I truly love! For additional information please see our disclosures page.

Clicking the photograph will take you directly to that item in the Etsy sellers shop. Now more then ever is the time to support small businesses! Let’s check a few out!

Fierce Hand Embroidery Kit // Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce Shakespeare

Floral Hand Embroidery Kit // Love One Another // DIY Hoop Art // Tiny flowers

A Well Read Woman is a Dangerous Creature Hand Embroidery Kit

Floral Hand Embroidery Kit// Be Still and Know // DIY Hoop Art // Poppies

Families Are Forever Floral Hand Embroidery Kit

Hand Embroidery Kit // She is Too Fond of Books And It Has Turned Her Brain // DIY Hoop Art // Simple Embroidery// Louisa May Alcott

Hand Embroidery Pattern // Autumn Bliss // Emily Bronte quote

Hand Embroidery Kit // Saltwater // DIY Hoop Art

Evergreen Trees Hand Embroidery Kit

Hand Embroidery Kit // Ocean Waves // DIY Hoop Art

So many great options especially for beginners! Check out all her great patterns and kits in her shop today and as always friends… stay home and stay safe! Thanks for stopping in.

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