The Simple Guide to the Cricut EasyPress

The Simple Guide to the Cricut EasyPress

It’s September and while most people are going, “Hey Lady! We still have 6 weeks until Halloween stop talking about Christmas!” but the reality is that the stores are already selling Christmas items and people are shopping for gifts. Last week I was at Hobby Lobby picking up some supplies when I ran across a lady staring at the Cricut Presses and she was clearly confused.

Her daughter loves to make things and craft in her spare time and she has been asking for one of these for a few years. Her first panicked comment was, “I didn’t realize there was more than one!”

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If you are not a maker yourself it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. So as I explained the differences to this sweet confused Mama and she started to glaze over I decided I was going over her head and needed to simplify the differences for her. It made me think she clearly wasn’t the only one out there with these questions and I know if it was my own mother standing there what would she come home with not being a crafty person herself. From that, The Simple Guide to Cricut Easy Press was born.

Let’s jump in! We are going to touch on three important things to help anyone decide which size is the best for them whether they are the crafter or the gifter. Size, Best Uses, and price. We are even going to throw in a must-have accessory or two for each press.

The prices and links below are from Amazon. While the Cricut website is also clearly a fabulous resource Amazon does tend to have better deals. Let me also make mention the 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby and Michaels typically exclude Cricut products. Make sure you read closely!

EasyPress Mini

Price: $69.99 Size: 1.92 Inches Wide by 3.25 Inches tall.

Cricut EasyPress Mini, HTV, Heat Transfer Vinyl Press, Sewing, Iron. Heat Press.

Projects: This little unit is really versatile and was just absolutely genius on the Cricut’s part. Its shape and size allow for use it’s larger counterparts can not. It’s perfect for hats, tumblers, mugs, stuffed animals, earrings, and even shoes. It’s also the perfect tool if you are a sign maker that uses HTV. I can get into corners with this press I can’t with the larger ones. I leave this press on my work desk at all times. I use it for a variety of projects and even sewing. It’s a perfect little iron that saves me the hassle of digging out my large iron to press little corners I’m working with. It has 3 heat settings making it very versatile for a variety of projects and has an auto shut off which is perfect for the busy crafter who walks away and later wonders if they shut off their iron.

If you are giving this as a gift two accessories I’d absolutely suggest would be a pressing mat and a little HTV to play with.

Cricut 16 x 20 EasyPress Mat

Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle – A perfect variety bundle!

Cricut EasyPress 6 x 7

Price: $99.99 Size: 6 Inches by 7 Inches

Cricut EasyPress 2, 6×7 Inches, Cricut HTV, Heat Press, Iron

Projects: This is a smaller press but perfect for lots of different projects. I have a crafty friend who runs a small Etsy shop and all she makes is Baby Shirts and Onesies. I’ve seen her set up a line of 5 little shirts and knock them all out in a matter of minutes as she bopped right down the line. I immediately went out and bought this press. 6 x 7 is the perfect size for baby clothes, hats, and other accessories. I am a big fan of it when layering HTV in a project. It helps to zero in on smaller areas. It comes in two colors and heats up to 400 degrees. Just like the other EasyPresses, it comes with an insulated base and auto shut off. It also comes in two great colors. Raspberry and Mint! The perk to the large presses is they work with the Infusible Ink!

In addition to the great press mat and vinyl starter bundle, I suggest above I would highly suggest a case for this press especially if you think you might want to take it outside your home to a gathering or event. This one from Luxja is really nice and comes in lots of color options and they make it for the three larger EasyPresses.

Luxja Carrying Bag Compatible with Cricut Easy Press (6 x 7 inches), Tote Bag Compatible with Cricut Easy Press 2 (6 x 7 inches) and Supplies, Purple (Bag Only)

Cricut EasyPress 9 x 9

Price: $129.99 to 149.99 Size: 9 Inches by 9 Inches

Cricut EasyPress 2, 9×9 Inches, Cricut HTV, Heat Press, Iron 9 x 9

Projects: I will tell you this the 9 x 9 is the catch-all size. When I really started to study the different sizes I knew I wanted two and the 9 x 9 is one of those. Perfect for making shirts and pillows which I do a lot of. It works for totes, signs and so much more. Let me just say this if the end goal is to make shirts this is the size you want. It allows you to have even heat and pressure on your entire design. Just like the others it comes in 2 colors and comes with its safety base. It heats up to 400 degrees and has the automatic shut off.

Again if you think you might want to travel to shows or events with your press a travel case is a must and this hard travel case is a lifesaver.

Hard Case for Cricut EasyPress 2, 9×9 Inches – Travel Protective Carrying Storage Bag

Cricut EasyPress 12 x 10

Price: $189.99 Size: 12 Inches by 10 Inches

Cricut EasyPress 2 – Heat Press Machine For T-Shirts, HTV Vinyl Projects, Raspberry, 12″ x 10″

Projects: This is the largest EasyPress Cricut makes and has the same great features as it’s counterparts with 2 colors, auto shut off etc.. Where this size excels is when it comes to larger projects like blankets, towels, banners, shower currents, and sweatshirts.

While the size of this press is bigger than I would need for my projects you can bet your bottom dollar if I saw one at a good price it would go in my cart! I work with so many different types of crafts and the EasyPress is one piece of equipment I use in them all. So whether I’m sewing, making signs, or shirts I have a press out and ready to go. So if you’re sitting there going, “My iron is fine” or “Do I really need one of these” the answer is needed and wanted are two different things but yes, you both NEED and WANT one. You will not be disappointed.

Have questions about the size that might suit your craft best or how it works leave us a comment below. We will do our best to answer any questions you might have.

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  • Great post! I’ve always wondered about these and you clearly described each one and their differences. I’m just starting out on my crafting journey and I’m so overwhelmed with everything out there, so I’m so happy to see your blog post about these, especially since I’ve been debating on getting one!!

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