Back to School 2020

Back to School 2020

Shew! Y’all it’s been a while since I’ve broken out a new post. I’ve been feverishly trying to go back and update old posts and clean up links that no longer work but it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

It’s August 3rd and the kids will soon be heading back to school. Well if you can call it that. It is not going to be easy for kids, parents, or teachers alike this year. My heart goes out to everyone and it’s not going to be easy this year. I can’t imagine trying to fall into a routine again or really get excited about it.

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As a child, I always loved back to school shopping and picking out my supplies and this year that’s going to be a tough chore so I went to Etsy and with a quick search of “Personalized School Supplies” I found a bundle of fabulous makers cranking out fun supplies to get your little ones excited about school AND personalizing their supplies so they don’t walk off or get confused with others in a time when we are desperately trying to social distance and keep our hands clean.

So, I’m excited to support my fellow makers and share with you some fun back to school supplies! Clicking on the photograph will take you directly to that item in the makers Etsy shop. So if you see something you can’t live without be sure you click the exact photograph!

72 Skinny School Labels – Great for school supplies – Long Skinny

Personalised unicorn name labels (option 1), School name tags, School name labels, Unicorn name stickers

School Pocket Folder, Back to School, Personalized, School Supplies, School

Custom Pencils, Personalized Pencils, Back to School, Gift, Wedding, Birthday, Teacher gift, Teacher Appreciation, Free Shipping, Hexagon

Name Label School Label Waterproof Label Daycare Stickers Kids Sticker Labels Gift Sticker Personalize Waterproof Label Custom Rainbow Dolls

Personalized Student Name Crayon Box Holder, Back to School Supplies, Team Teacher Classroom, Personalization, Organization, Homeschool

School Spiral Notebook, Back to School, Personalized, School Supplies, School

Personalized pencil pouch, Custom pencil case, Personalized school supplies, Back to school, Monogrammed pencil pouch, Monogram pencil bag

Skinny Personalized Waterproof Labels Dishwasher Safe Daycare Kindergarten Label Back to School supplies – Boy Chalkboard

Personalized Chair Back Organizer – Pink, Home School Supplies, Supplies Organizer, Personalized Kids Gift, Back To School, School At Home

School Notepad, Excuse Pad for School, Notes for School, Parent Notes for School, Back to School, School Notes, Personalized Excuse Pad

Personalized Unicorn Pencil Box Kids Personalized Unicorn 2 Pencil Box Back to School Supply Box Art Box Ruler Size Box Now Available

Monogrammed Composition Notebook- personalized notebooks – Custom notebook – Monogrammed School Supplies

Kids Scissors Engraved and Personalized with Child’s Name Choose Between 5 Colors

Personalized Pencil Box | School Supplies | Plastic School Box | Crayon Box | Plastic Pencil Box | Kids Pencil Box | Dinosaur Pencil Box

Personalized Lunch Kit, Lunch Box Kit, personalized lunch box, Back to School, Back to School Supplies, Personalized School Supplies

With so many great items it’s hard to go wrong! So be sure to go check them out and as always friends thank you for stopping in!

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