Shop Spotlight – Sip So Sweet

Shop Spotlight – Sip So Sweet

It’s almost October and I’m moving into Christmas shopping for our family. We have a large family and I really like to get something small for everyone. I love to make little-themed baskets for some of my co-workers and friends. So I like smaller items I can combine to make a great theme!

This year I’m making Sweet Tea Baskets. Living in the South Sweet Tea is just a daily essential… you know like water!

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One thing that will be going into the baskets are these glitter mason jars. Again… There isn’t one Southern Home that doesn’t have a stash of mason jars so I just thought these were so fitting! While I’m excited to share with you this amazing shop stay tuned because I will be sharing a post with the entire gift basket contents in soon.

For today I’m super excited to share Sip So Sweet with you and all of her awesome glitter mugs! Clicking on the photo below will take you directly to that item in her Etsy shop but be sure to check out all of her designs!

 Messy Bun Mug, Yoga Pants, Mom Life, Getting Stuff Done, Messy Hair, Dont Care, #Motherhood, Motherhood, #Momlife, Boy Mom, Gir lMom Sip So Sweet


 Glamma Mason Jar, Glamma Mug, Glamma to go mug, Mothers Day Gift, Glam-Ma, Glitter Tumbler, Glitter Mason Jar, Glitter Mug Sip So Sweet


 Hocus Pocus, Halloween Cup, Hocus Pocus Cup, Sanderson Sisters, Glitter Dipped Cup, Glitter Tumbler Sip So Sweet


 Happy Camper Mason Jar, Glamping Tumbler,Glitter Tumbler, Happy Camper, Custom Mason Jar, Glitter Mason Jar, Happy Glamper, Airstream Sip So Sweet


 Liquid Gold, Nursing Mom, New Mom, Nursing mom, New Mom Gift, Breastfeeding water bottle, glitter tumbler, glitter water bottle, new mom Sip So Sweet


 Deployment Survival Cup, Surviving Deployment, One Sip At A Time, Military Wife, Deployment, Stemless Wine Glass, Glitter Wine Glass Sip So Sweet


 Golden Girls Mug, Squad Goals, Golden Girls Coffee Mug, Funny Coffee Mug, Thank you for being a Friend, Golden Girls Gift, Glitter Mug Sip So Sweet


 Gilmore Girls Mug, Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore, Gilmore Girls, Rory, Lorelei, Glitter Mug, Lukes Diner, Stars Hollow Sip So Sweet


 Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, Pumpkin Mug, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Spice Mug, Glitter Mug, PSL, It's Fall Ya'll Sip So Sweet


 Glitter Mason Jar, Custom Mason Jar, Theres a chance this is vodka, This might be vodka, Glitter Mug, Glitter Tumbler, vodka, bar ware Sip So Sweet


 Football, Football Mom, Football Mom Tumbler, Football Tumbler, Football Water Bottle, Personalized Football Cup, Sports Cup, Football Team Sip So Sweet


 Joanna Gaines is My Spirit Animal mug, Fixer Upper Mug, Shiplap, HGTV, Glitter Mug, Glitter Tumbler, Chip and Joanna, Joanna Gaines, Coffee Sip So Sweet


 Mamarazzi, Mamarazzi Mug, Instagram Famous, Glitter Mug, Glitter Tumbler, Mom Cup, New Mom Gift, Mom Mug, photographer mug Sip So Sweet


 I dont sweat I sparkle, Water Bottle, Glitter Water Bottle, Custom Water Bottle, BPA free Gym Water Bottle, Workout Water Bottle Sip So Sweet


 Where's Barb Cup, Where's Barb Mug, Barb, Barb Stranger Things, Stranger Things Mug, Stranger Things Cup Sip So Sweet


 Baseball Mom, Real Moms of Baseball, Team Mom, Glitter Mason Jar, Glitter tumbler, Mothers Day Gift, Real Housewives, momlife Sip So Sweet


 Jingle Juice, Jingle Juice Wine Glass, Stemless Wine Glass, Funny Christmas Cup, Gift, Wine, Funny Gift Sip So Sweet

I love her variety and hope you will too! Make sure you check out all of her designs and as always thank you for supporting small and handmade businesses.

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