Crafter’s Corner – The Art of working with Felt

Crafter’s Corner – The Art of working with Felt

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I’ve tried many different craft types and I love felt.  It’s never been something I’ve sold in my shop but I use it regularly in my own personal crafts. I’ve used it for wreaths, hair clips, play food and much more. It really allows for you to do so many different types of crafts with it that I keep a regular stash of my very favorite colors in my office at all times. There are various blends of felt from the standard crafting felt you find in most stores wool that most serious Felters use in their projects. Today we are going to talk about the various types of felt, tools, and the different projects you can make.


There are 4 different blends of felt widely used in crafts and each one has a different purpose in crafting. So today we are going dive into what makes them different and which crafts fit best with which blend.

Craft Felt – Craft Felt is widely found in chain craft stores and even places like Walmart. It’s a 100% synthetic man-made felt best suited for everyday crafts such as kids crafts or school and church crafts. It’s inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Blended Wool – A wool and rayon blend this felt is commonly used in home crafts. Wool gives the felt a soft feel. It works well in crafts like wreaths, pillows, garlands and other sewing patterns.

100% Wool – Just like it says, this is a 100% Wool Felt and comes in various thicknesses. The feel of this felt is so luxurious it is often used to make clothing.  It can be purchased in the standard 9 x 12 sheet or by the yard in most craft chains.   Every time I see this in a store I sit and rack my brain looking for something to make just so I can buy some. As I mentioned it’s perfect for making clothing, hats, kids clothing and even wall decor.

100% Wool Roving – Some people call this Needle Punch Felt or Needle Felting Wool but it’s all the same. I have never tried to needle felt but I absolutely adore the crafts made from it. It is one of the higher priced felts but to me, it produces beautiful heirlooms.

It’s really difficult to explain to you exactly what needle felting is but thankfully the talented Jenny Middleton from Radish Wool Works gave me permission to share her work with you. Friends! I can not tell you how beautiful her work is and what she makes is truly an heirloom to be treasured for generations.  Are these not amazing?

 Photo Credit: Radish Wool Works Photo Credit: Radish Wool Works


With most felt crafts you can get away with just a few small tools and supplies.

Scissors or Rolling Cutter
Glue or Glue Gun
Thread or Floss

Depending on what craft your working on you can typically get away without any additional tools but that’s not always the case. If your planning to jump into Needle Felting this starter kit is a great little set to start with. It’s reasonably priced and gets you the basics to start with.


Here’s what I love about felt. There are so many things you can make with felt making it a great product to work with.

The most common crafts we see made with felt are wreaths, hair clips and bows. My favorite however, is play food.  The little girls in our life are big doll fans so a basket full of play food has always been a great gift for them to enjoy with their dolls.

Check out this video where she makes a breakfast set.

Here are a few tutorials for making felt food that I’ve used in the past.

Breakfast  Foods – This breakfast tutorial from Lia Griffith is one of my favorites. She even makes forks and spoons. So Stinkin’ Cute!

Sandwiches – Heidi from One Creative Mommy Shares a great tutorial and pattern for making a variety of sandwiches. I was a big fan of this one because it gave lots of play options.

Felt food is not the only option for toys and play items.

Band aids – These felt band aids are so cute and make a perfect addition to a Vet or Dr’s play kit.

Baby Doll – This little felt doll is adorable. It comes with a free pattern to follow for cutting out your pieces.

There are great patterns out there for busy books, race tracks and much more.

 Photo Credit: Floralogie Etsy. Click her beautiful photo to view her shop. Photo Credit: Floralogie Etsy. Click her beautiful photo to view her shop.

Felt Flowers have endless uses. They can be added to a wreath, a hair band or or even made into a beautiful bridal bouquet.

Anemone – This anemone tutorial is a great step by step guide if your new to making flowers.

Flower Ornament – This flower ornament is so cute and something I had not seen before so I jumped right on it when I saw tutorial.

Felt Garland – Love it! Love the colors, love the concept. LOVE IT!

Bouquet and Bouts – You would never know this bridal bouquet is felt. You just have to check it out.

Succulent Wreath – I love succulents so this wreath really caught my eye.

Felt Flower Crown – I found this great tutorial as I was wrapping up this post and it just wasn’t an option to not share it with you guys. I saved this tutorial. I will be making and shipping a few of these out to my little loves this week!

 Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

I could literally sit here for hours oohh’ing and aaahhh’ing over the amazing felt crafts but then none of us would ever get time to make some of these great projects.

Do you work with felt? What’s your favorite crafts? What would you like us to explore next in the Crafters Corner.

Thank you all so much for joining us today!

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