A Handmade Valentine – Gift Guide for Women

A Handmade Valentine – Gift Guide for Women

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When a holiday rolls around and my husband asks for a gift list I head straight to my Etsy account and send him favorites list.  This year with the growth of Amazon Handmade I snuck in a few unique items I loved and only found there!

So with Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away, it was a no-brainer when we started talking about gifts.  Last week I shared a gift guide for men and it included a few items I purchased for him this year so I decided it was only fair to also share some of my favorite handmade pieces for women as well.

I’m going to jump right in because frankly, I could add 100 things to this list but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet!

Glitter Dipped Tumbler – I LOVE a good glitter dipped mason jar tumbler. There are hundreds of designs and quotes on Etsy but I love this one! A little ice coffee in the mornings in this tumbler and I’m ready to get my day started.

 Photo Credit: MeganNicoleDesignsIN Photo Credit: MeganNicoleDesignsIN

While Valentine’s Day is typically a holiday that most people consider to be for couples my son is my heart making this personalized dainty ring a wonderful gift for any mom.

 Photo Credit: CaitlynMinimalist Photo Credit: CaitlynMinimalist

When I give a gift I like for it to be unique and special and that’s why I love handmade items so much. This stunning moonstone ring is high on my list of must-haves. It happens to be my son’s birthstone but that only adds to my love of this beautiful piece.

 Photo Credit:  AlohaJewelsbyRosee   Photo Credit:  AlohaJewelsbyRosee

If you’re unsure what to get her know that as a mom, wife and business owner the best gift my husband gives me is time.  The opportunity to reflect on my day and relax is a blessing to everyone. Happy Wife…. Happy Life!  These organic bath bombs are a great way to make her alone time more enjoyable.

 Photo Credit:  ShopTinyHouseBigFarm Photo Credit:  ShopTinyHouseBigFarm

While these last two items are not handmade they are top picks for today’s busy women! We quickly lose ourselves in the hustle so this 5-minute journal is a great gift for any woman.

 Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

The final treasure in my gift guide is the HP Sprocket.  I have a ton of pictures on my phone and I’m constantly taking more but rarely do they ever make it any further than that. So for Christmas, my husband bought me the Sprocket and I LOVE it. It allows me to print pictures off my phone with just a touch of a button. I put them in my planner, on our fridge, in my journal. It’s quick and easy making printing my memories so easy! This is a must-have for a wife, a mom, a girl boss! This is a great gift for anyone!

 Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

Better get a move on Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away!

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