Month: December 2017

New Years Resolutions: Personal Goals

December came and went by so fast this year for me. Between the passing of my grandfather, getting sick and then other family commitments, I feel like somehow I lost days. I was so tired when Christmas Eve came that I almost considered skipping our 

My Handmade Journey – Seven Dwarves Cottage

Hi Everyone, we are back with another “My Handmade Journey” Interview and this week we are talking to Cristina at Seven Dwarves Cottage. I’m going to tell you I just LOVED her shop as soon as I opened it up.  Adorable designs for every occasion. 

A Christmas Memory

This past week I lost my grandfather. He was 84 and truly one of the great loves of my life. I just adored him.  You never doubted how much you were loved when he was in the room.  So the last few years as he 

My Handmade Journey – Nevaeh’s Bow Shop

This week we are interviewing Breanna and she’s the shop owner and designer behind Nevaeh’s Bow Shop. See how her love of bows for her little girl turned into her own business. 1) Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a 20-year-old stay at home mom 

Free Gift List Printable

I may have a little problem with organization. What I mean by that is I love little organizers, boxes, binders and just about all things organization. Including, PRINTABLES!  My house drives me crazy most days because my son and husband don’t share that same love