A Christmas Memory

This past week I lost my grandfather. He was 84 and truly one of the great loves of my life. I just adored him.  You never doubted how much you were loved when he was in the room.  So the last few years as he declined and became homebound my heart ached for him. He was always the one we called when something broke or we needed help and he would show up with a toolbox and a big hug.  So for the last few years while our family became his caregivers it was tough on him which made it very hard for all of us.  The end of November he stopped talking and we realized some major health issue had come about that he could not overcome.  He passed peacefully with my grandmother by his side. He was finally at peace and out of pain.  He was in heaven hugging his parents and looking for a poker game to play or a boat to fish from.

I had originally planned to post a Christmas memory later this month but with travel and a funeral this week I thought it was the perfect time to share this memory I cherish so much of my childhood and my Pap.  I hope that in the comments you’ll also share a memory with us.

I was 6 and Christmas Eve was my very favorite day of the year. Everyone in my mom’s family came to Christmas Eve. We jammed more people in my parent’s small living room then I could ever imagine. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, spouses, and friends who needed a place to celebrate that year. There was tons of food, fun, and family.  Because we were young my brothers and I were the only children. I had one cousin who was a baby and the others were still to come.  We were always in bed before my family left and this year my parents tucked us in. I can hear it as clearly today as I did that night. Reindeer on the roof. My mom was tucking in my rowdy brothers and my dad was searching for my Strawberry Shortcake doll one of them had shoved into Barbie’s Hotel when they came in to say goodnight

My dad stopped and started to look around. What’s that? We heard it again. Reindeer feet stomping around on our roof! I was so excited and instantly sick! I was not asleep and my Dad was STILL extracting Strawberry Shortcake from the hotel and I couldn’t sleep without her.

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Rudolph watch that ice!

Rudolph: *Thump* Oh, Sh*t!


Donner and Blitzen: *Hysterical Laughter*

Santa: BOYS!

Rudolph: I think I broke my arm and I can’t get back up

Me: Dad?! *wide eyes and traumatized*

Daddy: *shaking his head* *mumbling* Idiots

That year my Uncles as crazy as they were climbed on my parent’s roof to pretend to be reindeer. That was until one of them slipped on ice before he heard my Grandfather aka Santa tell him to be careful. We still laugh about it today and it will forever remain one of my favorites. As I got older and figured out the exact details it became an even more cherished memory because it was meant with so much love but turned into what I can only call a typical moment for our family.  Nothing goes as planned in my family and in the end it almost always turns out to be far more memorable then it could have if it had gone “just right”.

Cherish each memory you collect. Don’t fret if they aren’t perfect because most often those are the greatest. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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