Gift Guide for the Gilmore Girl Fans!

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Do you have a Gilmore Girl fanatic in your life?! Well, I’ve got some fabulous gift ideas for you today.  I have to admit I didn’t watch the Gilmore Girls when they first came out. I watched it from time to time and it wasn’t until a few years ago with a house full of boys I started to watch the Gilmore Girls. They are funny, light-hearted and full of love and that was enough for me. Plus who doesn’t want to live in a town like Stars Hollow!

Now, if you’ve never watched the Gilmore Girls these gifts may not make a ton of sense to you but I promise they will be a hit. Plus, you know my motto! Shop small business! All of these gift ideas come from Etsy today.

1)      Life’s short, talk fast T-shirt – I can close my eyes and literally hear Lorelai’s voice. This is adorable and a must have for any fan. You can find this shirt at the bigdaydesignco on Etsy.

2)      Lukes Diner Pad Phone case – This is absolutely the cutest phone case ever.  I immediately looked to see if they would fit my phone.  Adorable!  You can find this case and lots of other great designs at chicklitdesigns on Etsy.

3)      Where you lead Charm Bracelet – This bracelet really sums up what Stars Hollow and the Gilmore Girls are all about. You have Rory’s books, the dragonfly for the Inn, a cup of Luke’s coffee along with his truck and hat and of course the theme song.  It’s a must have!  Go see what other great pieces Julie has at juliefjell on Etsy.

4)      Dragonfly Inn Keytag – I was blown away when I saw this piece.  First the retro look of the old hotel key holders and then the Dragonfly Inn information.  This is just the coolest thing…Period!  Do not leave this behind if you’re buying a gift for a GG fan. This is unique and you will not have to worry about buying a duplicate gift that’s for sure.  Go see Cynthia at AllThingsHipAndCool on Etsy.

5)      Dress Like Lorelai Shirt – All I can say here is that this shirt is spot on Gilmore Girl GOALS! It’s perfect! Swing by hopelesswanderer8 on Etsy and pick one up!

6)      Dragonfly Inn Planner Cover  – If your Gilmore Girl is also a planner fanatic this is the perfect gift. You’ll be a hit with the gifts this year for thinking outside of the box!  Head over the Plantheday on Etsy and check out all her great covers. So much cute stuff!!!

7)      Lukes Diner Planner Clip – This is so cute and a perfect addition to the planner cover above! There would be no Gilmore Girls without Lukes Coffee.  MissPippaJayne’s has a ton of great planner clips to pick from so go check them out on Etsy.

I have to round this list out with the most obviously Gilmore Girls gift of all. Coffee Mugs! Here are two of my favorites!

8)      “Lukes” Coffee Mug – Folks its plaid! Besides the day they got married have you ever seen Luke Danes wear anything BUT?! Holy moly this is adorable!  Find it at BethLynnDesigns on Etsy today!

9)      I’d rather be in Stars Hollow tin mug – There is something about this that just screams fall and a good warm cup of coffee. I even snuck it onto my personal wish list! Actually I snuck a FEW items on this list unto my wish list!

Go see Lindsey at LittlePaperMama to grab yours.

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